The second-largest Ebola outbreak in history is occurring right now in the North Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

© UNICEF DRC/Tremeau

© UNICEF DRC/Tremeau


The Ebola Fund was created to enable philanthropists and individuals to support preparation for, and response to, Ebola outbreaks.

As of October 10, there have been 3,210 cases and 2,144 deaths. There are 468 suspected cases being investigated.

Very few organizations are working in North Kivu to meet the demands of the outbreak. Those that are there need your support.


As of October 10:

3,210 cases


2,144 deaths

and only…

1,027 survivors

and patients still receiving care.


Donor Support

The Ebola Fund provides a tax-deductible vehicle to allow donors to directly support the Ebola response. It gives donors a mechanism to concentrate resources on the greatest need as determined by responders on the ground.

The Ebola Fund also aligns with advocacy efforts that encourage donor countries to do more to support the Ebola response.

The Ebola Fund provides quarterly reports to donors that share detailed information on the fund’s impact. In addition, the Ebola Fund responds to specific donor reporting needs.


Why Fund?

The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo is at a tipping point. Philanthropic capital is needed to support the emergency response to contain the virus. 

By funding The Ebola Fund, you are able to support the rapidly changing needs in a complex and evolving environment.


With your support, we can stop the Ebola virus from spreading across international borders and from becoming a long-term global threat.